Geriatric Dentistry

Laser Assisted Dentistry

As the population ages and the economy changes more inventive and creative dentistry is needed!

Medically compromised patients, diabetes, CVD, immunosuppressed, bleeding disorders, are just some of the issues that may mitigate conventional treatment. Utilizing lasers in creative ways helps all patients through the maze of complicated treatment.

The needs and expectations of patients must coincide as much as possible.

Creative and efficient procedures are the goals of excellent dentistry.

How does one deal with medically compromised patients?

What alternative treatment modalities can be designed?

Why would you choose to use a laser to care for a patient?

  • Saving decayed or periodontally involved teeth for some time.
  • Avoiding dentures or extractions.
  • Minimizing injections and minimizing bleeding.
  • No need to suspend most medications.
  • Reduced drug therapy during treatment.
  • Decreased risk of pain, stress, or bleeding.
  • Restoring teeth with composite resins instead of crowns.

There are two types of lasers that apply to modern geriatric dentistry:

  • The Erbium Laser (all tissue laser)
  • The Diode Laser (soft tissue laser)

Both lasers are used to help patients through these difficult times when conventional dentistry may not be appropriate.

Lasers may be the best and safest way to great dental health!